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99 computer hardware/software full form

1.     EEPROM- Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

2.     SIMM- Small Inline Memory Module

3.     SIM- Subscriber Index Module

4.     ATA- Advance Technology Attachment

5.     LCD- Liquid Crystal Display

6.     PSU- Power Supply Unit

7.     EIST- Enhanced Intel Speed Technology

8.     POST- Power On Self Test

9.     AGP- Accelerated Graphic Port

10. VRM- Voltage Regulator Module

11. XVGA- Extended Video Graphic Array

12. ATX – Advance Technology Extended

13. UDMA- Ultra Direct Memory Access

14. SPP- Standard  Parallel Port

15. SSD- Solid State Drive

16. ICH – Input Control Hub

17. PGA – Pin Grid Array

18. PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect

19. IDE- Integrated Driver Electronics

20. LED- Light Emitting Diode

21. SMPS- Switched Mode Power Supply

22. SCSI- Small Computer System Interface

23. EPP- Extensible Provisioning Protocol

24.SODIMM- Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module

25. LGA- Land Grid Array

26. DRAM- Dynamic Random Access Memory

27. FSB- Front Side Bus

28. ZIF- Zero Insertion Force

29.SRAM -  Synchronous RAM

30. DIMM- Dual Inline Memory Module

31.SATA- Serial Advance Technology Attachment

32. TFT- Thin Film Transistor

33. CRT- Cathode Ray Tube

34.IEEE- Institute of Electronic and Electronics Engineer

35.DMP- Dot Matrix Printer

36.SDRAM- Synchronous Dynamic RAM

37. CD- Compact Disk

38.RIMM- Rambus Inline Memory Module

39. USB- Universal Serial Bus

40. PATA- Parallel Advance Technology Attachment

41. IRQ- Interrupt Request

42.ADC- Additional Domain Controller

43.HDMI- High Definition Multimedia Interface

44.DMI- Desktop Management Interface

45. CMOS- Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

46. PCISIG- Peripheral Component Interconnected Special Interest Group

47.VGA- Video Graphic Array/Adapter

48.ATAPI- Advance Technology Attachment Packet Interface

49. MIDI- Musical Instrument Digital Interface

50. ALU- Arithmetical Logical Unit

51.EDB- Execute Disable Bit

52. BIOS- Basic Input Output System

53.DDR- Double Data Rate

54.SVGA- Super Video Graphic Array

55.AT- Advance Technology

56.ANSI- American National Standard Institute

57.UEFI- Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

58.GPI- Guide Partition

59.IOH- Input Output Hub

60. DDWP- Division of Disability And Working Program

61.AMR- Audio Modem Riser

62. HT- High Technology

63.DVI- Digital Visual Interface

64.CNR- Communication and Networking Riser

65.LIF- Low Insertion Force

66.AMD- Advance Micro Device

67.BSB- Back Side Bus

68.ECP- Encryption Control Protocol

69.PDA- Personal Digital Assistance

70.DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

71.DNS- Domain Name Service

72.NOS- Network Operating System

73.SOS- Simple Operating System

74.RAS- Remote Access Server

75.VPN- Virtual Private Number

76.DC- Domain Controller

77.SMTP- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

78.CLI- Command Line Interface

79.GUI- Graphical User Interface

80.ISP- Internet Service Provider

81.NGFF- Next Generation Form Factor

82.TCP – Transmission Control Protocol

83.SOHO- Small Office /Home Office

84.API- Application Program Interface

85.LVM- Logical Volume Manage

86.NTFS- Network Technology File System

87.LAN- Local Area Network

88.FTP- File Transfer Protocol

89.ICS- Internet Connection Sharing

90.ISO- International Standards Organization

91.EIO- Electronic Industries Association

92.FCS- Federation of Communication Services

93.QOS- Quality of Services

94.FHHS- Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

95.GPS- Global Positioning System

96.MAN- Metropolitan Area Network

97.WAN- Wide Area Network

98.NAT- Network Address Translation

99.MAU- Media Access Unit

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