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IPL 2021 Schedule


IPL 2021 schedule, In this article we have listed the time table of all the IPL team. As we know that, there are total 8 teams in IPL 2021 and first match is going to be played between MUMBAI INDIANS AND ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGLORE at MA Chidambaram Stadium,CHENNAI, we can also say ROHIT TEAM VS VIRAT TEAM. This time there are 6 playing ground(City)listed as Mumbai,Chennai. Ahmadabad, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata. The opening match will start in Chennai and final will be held in Ahmadabad. If you want to see full sqaud of all team, please click on this link to see Sqaud of all the IPL team 2021
IPL 2021 Schedule (Match list)
April 9, FriMumbai Indians vs RCB19:30Chennai
April 10, SatCSK vs Delhi Capitals19:30Mumbai
April 11,SunSunrisers Hyderabad vs KKR19:30Chennai
April 12,MonRajasthan Royals vs Punjab Kings19:30Mumbai
April 13,TueKolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai19:30Chennai
April 14, WedSunrisers Hyderabad vs RCB19:30Chennai
April 15, ThuRajasthan Royals vs Delhi Capitals19:30Mumbai
April 16, FriPunjab Kings vs CSK19:30Mumbai
April 17, SatMumbai Indians vs SRH19:30Chennai
April 18, SunRCB VS KKR15:30Chennai
April 18, SunDelhi Capitals vs Punjab Kings19:30Mumbai
April 19, MonCSK vs Rajasthan Royals19:30Mumbai
April 20, TueDelhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians19:30Chennai
April 21, WedPunjab Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad15:30Chennai
April 21, WedKKR vs CSK19:30Mumbai
April 22, ThuRCB vs Rajasthan Royals19:30Mumbai
April 23, FriPunjab Kings vs Mumbai Indians19:30Chennai
April 24, SatRajasthan Royals vs KKR19:30Mumbai
April 25, SunCSK VS RCB15:30Mumbai
April 25, SunSunrisers Hyderabad vs DC19:30Chennai
April 26, MonPunjab Kings vs KKR19:30Ahmedabad
April 27, TueDelhi Capitals vs RCB19:30Ahmedabad
April 28, WedCSK vs Sunrisers Hyderabad19:30Delhi
April 29, ThuMumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals15:30Delhi
April 29, ThuDelhi Capitals vs KKR19:30Ahmedabad
April 30, FriPunjab Kings vs RCB19:30Ahmedabad
May 1, SatMumbai Indians vs CSK19:30Delhi
May 2, SunRajasthan Royals vs SRH15:30Delhi
May 2, SunPunjab Kings vs Delhi Capitals19:30Ahmedabad
May 3, MonKKR VS RCB19:30Ahmedabad
May 4, TueSRH vs Mumbai Indians7.30 PMDelhi
May 5, WedRajasthan Royals vs CSK7.30 PMDelhi
May 6, ThuRCB vs Punjab Kings7.30 PMAhmedabad
May 7, FriSunrisers Hyderabad vs CSK7.30 PMDelhi
May 8, SatKKR vs Delhi Capitals3.30 PMAhmedabad
May 8, SatRajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians7.30 PMDelhi
May 9, SunCSK vs Punjab Kings3.30 PMBengaluru
May 9, SunRCB VS SRH7.30 PMKolkata
May 10, MonMumbai Indians vs KKKR7.30 PMBengaluru
May 11, TueDelhi Capitals vs Rajasthan Royals7.30 PMKolkata
May 12, WedCSK VS KKR7.30 PMBengaluru
May 13, ThuMumbai Indians vs Punjab Kings3.30 PMBengaluru
May 13, ThuSRH vs Rajasthan Royals7.30 PMKolkata
May 14, FriRCB vs Delhi Capitals7.30 PMKolkata
May 15, SatKKR vs Punjab Kings7.30 PMBengaluru
May 16, SunRajasthan Royals vs RCB3.30 PMKolkata
May 16, SunCSK vs Mumbai Indians7.30 PMBengaluru
May 17, MonDelhi Capitals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad7.30 PMKolkata
May 18, TueKKR vs Rajasthan Royals3.30 PMBengaluru
May 19, WedSunrisers Hyderabad vs Punjab Kings3.30 PMBengaluru
May 20, ThuRCB vs Mumbai Indians7.30 PMKolkata
May 21, FriKKR vs Sunrisers Hyderabad3.30 PMBengaluru
May 21, FriDelhi Capitals vs CSK7.30 PMKolkata
May 22, SatPunjab Kings vs Rajasthan Royals7.30 PMBengaluru
May 23, SunMumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals3.30 PMKolkata
May 23, SunRCB vs Chennai Super Kings7.30 PMKolkata
May 25, TueQUALIFIER 17.30 PMAhmedabad
May 26, WedELIMINATOR7.30 PMAhmedabad
May 28, FriQUALIFIER 27.30 PMAhmedabad
May 30, SunFINAL7.30 PMAhmedabad

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